115 new jobs opened at Belfast International Airport

115 new jobs opened at Belfast International Airport

Good news for the residents surrounding the airport; of the 298 new jobs being opened at Belfast International Airport, 115 of these will be full time positions courtesy of 6 businesses operating at the airport itself. This is the 3rd major job implementation announcement for the airport which will push £1.5 million worth of wages into the Northern Ireland economy. The new positions stretch across a large variety of aviation positions, taxi operations, on-site food outlets, and private charter services.

Some of the businesses currently recruiting include; Belfast Airport Taxis, who work under the official airport itself, who are looking to take on 30 additional drivers to cater for higher expected passenger numbers. Logistics, retail and catering specialists LSG have created 16 places to fill while Jet Assists and Car Care will open a further 9 roles between them A further benefit is that none of the jobs opened as part of this scheme will come at a cost to the government job creation or taxpayer.

Brian Carlin, Belfast International Airport’s Director of Commercial Development said – “These jobs have little or no lead-in times. There’s a need for them now as we prepare for a bumper year with hundreds of thousands more passengers.”

“We’ve announced almost 300 new jobs over a nine-week period and that’s the equivalent of a major overseas inward investment costing millions of pounds. In a real sense, we’re growing the business without reliance on the public purse.

If you are interested in any of the positions mentioned or would like to simply see the full ranges of positions available, they will be showcasing at the Templeton Hotel, Templepatrick, Monday 8 February.

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