Belfast International Airport job fair will have over 125 roles on offer

The Belfast International Airport jobs fair will be held this month offering over 125 new roles. Eight companies boasting 125+ jobs will be showcasing the positions at the Valley Leisure Centre on Thursday February 22, between 4pm and 7pm.

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Around 80 of the roles are split evenly between aircraft ground handling company, Swissport and international security firm, ICTS. Retail, food, currency and drink outlets makes up the rest of the roles.

Belfast International Airport Human Resources Manager, Jaclyn Coulter, said passenger growth lays behind this latest workforce expansion.Ms Coulter said: “This is the fifth Job Fair we have organised and the response has been phenomenal. Once our companies fill these latest positions, it will bring to more than 700 the total number of jobs created in the past two years.

“We’re now casting the net wider than our immediate catchment area. The airport anticipates that 2018 will be another record year, and that means we will have even more jobs on offer.”

This is the second job fair to be held in North Belfast within the last 4 months, and has received the backing of MP Nigel Dodds.He said: “These are first-rate employment opportunities in a dynamic business that is enjoying unprecedented growth. They will inject about £2.2 million annually in wages into the local economy, helping to create further downstream business and employment opportunities.

“I would encourage people who are out of work or looking for a new challenge to come along to the Valley Leisure Centre next Thursday to see what’s on offer. The International Airport has become a major homegrown success story, boosting employment opportunities and giving the chance to many others to feed into the supply chain.”

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