Belfast International Airport Special Assistance

Belfast Airport tries to ensure their disabled passengers can travel as comfortably and as hassle-free as possible.

Facilities for disabled travellers include:

  • Drop off zone near the terminal with a waiting area and assistance point
  • Disabled bays in Short Stay parking for blue badges
  • Accessible taxis are available in the main taxi rank which is wheelchair friendly
  • Belfast considers itself an autism-friendly airport, any questions please contact the dedicated team
  • Assistance dogs are welcome if registered with the Pet Travel Scheme and if cleared by the airline
  • Low-level kerbs at terminal entrance and exit
  • One level access to all terminal facilities
  • Lifts between departures and arrivals
  • Use of airport wheelchairs throughout the terminal
  • Porters are trained in assisting mobility-impaired passengers
  • Low-level telephones
  • Places facilities on the Ground Floor near check-in
  • Minicom at the Information Desk
  • Information desk staff have basic sign language skills
  • You can call PRMs (Passengers with Reduced Mobility) at 028 9448 4957 or email them at

Belfast International Disabled Parking

There are 16 dedicated spaces in the short stay car park, 10 in the mainstay car park and 26 in the holiday car park.

Disabled passengers receive main stay rates in the short stay car park. Passengers with a disabled sticker who are parked in the short stay car park should take their ticket to the barrier at the exit of the short stay car park and press the button for assistance.

disabled parking bay at Belfast Airport


If possible assistance should be arranged in advance, preferably with your airline at the time of booking your tickets. Airport Services Staff can provide assistance until your check-in is complete, at which time your airline will ensure that you are taken to the departure lounge and assisted with boarding.

Belfast International Airport Special Assistance Tips

man in wheelchair

Compare before you book

You should compare the arrangements offered by different airlines before making your booking and be sure to check whether the cost of any special assistance is included in the price of your ticket.

Tell your airline

Inform your airline of your particular needs in good time and check the policy of your airline if you wish to remain in your own wheelchair to the aircraft door rather than transfer to an airline wheelchair at check-in.

Check Belfast's Security

This is an important step if you're taking medication, assistance animals or aids with you through the airport. If you have any doubts about what you can and cannot take through security, feel free to call up a customer adviser or contact the airport on social media.

Plan your route into Belfast

Plan your route to the airport is paramount. This can be simple things like checking you get into the right carriage on the train to be assisted off. Alternatively, it could be about planning a road route with "pit stops" on the way if you needed to take a break.

Plan getting around the airport

Remember that there are often long walking distances within airports and that this may cause you to require assistance. Pre-arranging any necessary assistance will ensure that it's available and that no time is lost in waiting for it to be arranged once you arrive at the airport.

Helpful contacts if you need them