Belfast International Airport Shops

There is a good range of shops available at Belfast Airport to meet all your travel shopping needs. To find out what shops they are and a brief description of what they offer just check out our table below.

shopping at airport

What are Belfast International Shop Opening times? On the whole, stores open and close around flight arrival and departure times. In essence, the shops will be open for whatever time you're travelling through the airport.

Where can I buy snacks in Belfast Airport? The airport has a Superdrug and WHSmith for takeaway snacks. For something more substantial, you can visit places such as Burger King and Coco Diablo amongst others (see bars and restaurants). While there is no longer a Boots store at Belfast, Superdrug should cover those bases for you.

Where can I buy travel essentials at Belfast? You can buy from Dixons Travel or drop by Aelia for duty-free bargains or WHSmith for small travel essentials like tags, passport covers and international plugs.

Explore Belfast International Airport Shops

Aelia Centre of Duty Free

Here you'll find all the major brands in duty-free. From luxury chocolates to perfumes and make-up, get ready to browse before boarding your flight at Belfast International.

Aelia Centre of Duty Free logo

Visit Belfast

The Visit Belfast store brings all of the surrounding Irish presents and gifts into one duty-free outlet.

Visit Belfast logo

JD Sports

Trainers, jackets, yoga mats, fitness shirts, slogan tees... JD Sports has you covered and with a handy duty-free 10% off. This store stocks all major sports brands such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok and Vans.

JD Sports logo


For all those last-minute additions to your cosmetic bag, medicines, snacks and more!

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WHSmith has long been known as not just a quality books and magazines retailer offering a wide selection of titles to suit everyone, but also a store which stocks a whole range of essentials.

WHSmith logo

Belfast International Airport Duty Free

Do you need any clarification on your allowances before you start shopping in duty-free at Belfast Airport? Confused about the new Brexit rules? Worry not, we've got you covered! Read on below and we'll explain the new rules!

Belfast Duty Free Location

You'll find the Belfast Airport's duty-free shopping located at Level 2, next to Starbucks and opposite security hall.

Travelling from Great Britain to Northern Ireland

If you're coming to Northern Ireland from Great Britain, then you don't have to declare your goods if all of the following apply:

  • You're a UK citizen
  • The goods were purchased in Wales, Isle of Man, Scotland or England
  • You've already paid the excess duty on alcohol or tobacco that you have purchases

However, you will need to declare your goods if you any of the following apply to you:

  • You are not a UK citizen
  • You're bringing alcohol or tobacco that goes over the allowance that is allowed in Northern Ireland and the excess duty hasn't been paid
  • You're bringing in the goods that value over £390 and you haven't paid VAT on the goods in Great Britain

Travelling from Northern Ireland to Great Britain

If you're coming from Northern Ireland to Great Britain, then you don't need to declare any of your goods! But you will need to pay import VAT on anything that you may have bought from Northern Ireland shops that were tax-free.

How much can you bring into Belfast Airport from the EU?

Although Northern Ireland is no longer part of the EU, it still does follow many of the EU laws. This means that you don't have to declare them as long as you are transporting them yourself and you only intend them for personal use. However, if you are carrying over the following amounts and items, custom officers may have questions for you - so be prepared for that.

Best way of thinking about it, is anything you can buy in duty-free (at least not in excess) you can safely take on the plane.

duty free allowance

Allowances when arriving from a non-EU country:

If you're bringing these items into Belfast, you have to bring them in completely independently and they must be for your own use.

Alcohol Allowance

You are allowed to bring a generous amount of alcohol! You may bring in:

Alcohol Duty Free allowances for non-EU countries

Tobacco Allowance

For tobacco allowance, there is a generous amount available too! You may bring in:

Tobacco Duty Free allowances for non-EU countries

Alcohol and tobacco allowances if you're under 17

If you're under the age of 17, then, unfortunately, you are not allowed any personal allowance. However, if you still wish to bring it, you will have to pay tax and duty on them before your arrival in the UK.

Allowance for other goods

If you want to bring other goods, you can bring up to £390. If you want to bring more, you will have to pay duty and tax on the total sum, not just the sum that's gone above the allowance. Make sure that you don't go over because you may have to pay import VAT too as well as duty and tax. We're sure you don't want to do that so ensure your total sum doesn't go over the limit!

Shop & Collect at Belfast Airport

You can choose to do your duty-free shopping from the comfort of your own home with Belfast; simply purchase your goods as normal at the airport and then opt to have them stored at Belfast until your return.

What's more, is that you get 10% for every pre-order you make online! Who doesn't want that?! But this doesn't apply to alcoholic drinks.

Bringing products in from your holiday, back into Belfast?

In essence, don't bring in items that are banned in Ireland. The item might be legal in its country of origin, but customs will seize the item if it's not allowed into the country.

This could be souvenirs from your holiday away. An example of a souvenir would be fridge magnets or commemorative photos - these are fine to bring in. Alternatively, you could be bringing in something local to you into Belfast where you are holidaying. If they're something banal and light and legal in Ireland, they're absolutely fine to bring into the country. An example of green light goods would be sunglasses or high street moisturiser.

However, be mindful of Belfast and Irish law. You cannot bring back drugs that were legally bought in your holiday destination back into Belfast if they are not legal in Ireland. For example, bringing cannabis back from Amsterdam. This is a massive no-go.

The example works for if your holiday destination is Belfast too. Be careful of bringing in something from your home town that's illegal or will raise questions in Belfast. This could be small things like prescription drugs or cosmetics.

So long as the items are legal in Ireland, you're not bringing an excessive amount and it's for your personal use... you should be fine.