Belfast International Arrivals

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Belfast International Airport

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Belfast International Arrivals Information

Belfast International Airport is really easy to navigate as it only has one main terminal.

  • You can visit the Car Hire reception desks in the main arrivals hall and hire your next set of wheels to explore Ireland.
  • Otherwise, you can jump in a taxi; the taxi rank is just to the right as you leave the terminal.
  • Another option is to take the bus into the city of Belfast, which sits about 16 miles away from the International Airport.

What are some of the changes to arrivals due to Brexit?

As Brexit has officially taken place now and the UK is no longer part of the EU, you will notice some changes when you arrive at the airport. Some of these changes include:

  • Removal of the EU lane, which will now be replaced with “goods to declare” or “nothing to declare”
  • If you’re an EU citizen, you will still be asked to have your ID checked like before and might also be asked about the purpose of your journey.
  • If you’re an EU citizen not living in the UK, you could now be required to have a “permitted paid engagement” visa if you’re coming to the UK for work reasons

Please note that, though these are some of the changes, we recommend that you always check the rules before booking as they could be ever-changing.

Airlines at Belfast Airport

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